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Re: vacation help/ questions


I agree with a lot of the previous post. Try to enjoy your time. If you plan on training for a large part of your life, 2 weeks is not a large part of it. I went to El Paso (not as awesome as greece) but I sure as hell was not going to miss out on tex mex and a nice cold beer. However, I made good choices when possible. I also did body-weight exercises and met cons while there. I did the exercises mostly in my hotel room, and I also went for a run in the early morning. The run was a great way to see the city in my book.

As for plane food, I bring a lot things I normally eat. I plan on a large bag of beef jerky, cooked meat (chicken or pork), almonds, walnuts, carrots, and apples. I usually pack a breakfast too, usually a frittata. I also add an empty nalgene bottle to fill prior to boarding.

Otherwise, have a great time!
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