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Re: paleo recipes

Originally Posted by John Hartman View Post
I was just asking if anyone had any recommendations. Seeming how there seem to be a million books and tons of websites, just asking for websites that someone who isn't a a$$ might recommend.
No one here is an a$$, some are just sarcastic, I'd recommend getting over it.

Originally Posted by Christie Lawson View Post
The health bent website in the above post is AMAZING. I made the Banana/Chocolate bread the other day and it was pretty awesome. I felt like I was cheating every time I ate some. It was that good.
Health Bent is great for really good tasting recipes, but be careful of the desserts or treats. As they explain on the website, they do use added sugar/honey/maple syrup etc... not things that are typically considered paleo. The protein section is a good spot to start though.

Here are a few more that I use regularly: (again, watch out for the added sugar)

And of course, like Eric said, google.


The Paleo Solution (30 days of recipes in the back)

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