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Re: Arden Cogar on TV?

thanks Dale and Anthony... I love that song. I have to.

Search Stihl Europe. I believe they have a Timbersports Website. Timbersports is getting more popular in Europe. One of the Swiss athletes, Hermann Scholenbachler, placed 3rd in the world open this past year and made the semi final round in the Timbersports during 2006. European Timbersports is on the rise and they now host several events in Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain. I also believe that Austria will host a few events next summer.

Stihl also hosts "training camps" for interested athletes in Europe and several of the Timbersports athletes travel to Europe to coach. I was approached this past Fall about being one of the coaches for the training camps. I'll need to brush up on my french and spanish, but I bet it will be a great trip.

If I learn of something in your area, I'll let you know.

Oh, and so you know, physical size helps with lumberjack sports, but it's not an absolute necessity. Several of the top athletes in my sport weigh less than 90 kilos. One weighs, I kid you not, 70 kilos. He's a weiry tough little guy from Tasmania by the name of Matthew Gurr. Unreal what that man can do with an axe. I've told several people it's very much similar to striking a golf ball - once you learn the proper body mechanics, a smaller man can drive a ball a heckuva lot further than a larger stronger man with poorer technique. If that makes any sense?

Someone ask me once who would be the easiest type of athlete to turn into a good lumberjack competitor. My answer was a decathlete. A person who has good athletism and a good body mechanics in throwing events. The hardest athlete to train to be a lumberjack - a baseball player. To much arm and shoulders in their swings and not enough torso and leg drive. A person who has thrown hammers, discus, and shot would be the easiest in my opinion. It's all about timing. Strength helps, but timing is more important. Further, good physical toughness is a necessity - all cross fitters, in my opinion, have an over abundance of toughness; crazy good fit and I love it.

All the best,

All the best,
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