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Re: Arden Cogar on TV?

How old is your son? And where are you guys located?

Evan will celebrate his nineth birthday in twelve days, and we live just outside of Zürich in Switzerland. The kid's a couple inches taller than I was at his age and has shoulders about twice as broad. Totally unfair. He loves the outdoors and has a natural touch for animals - I've always thought he'd make a great vet or forester or some such, so who knows ...

But he loves (American) football and wants to play in the Swiss amature league, which - like all whacko amature sports nobody is ever dumb enough to think will make them a superstar - is cool too.

BTW, and speaking of genes and cool sports, my son got all the good genes from his mom's family. One of my wife's uncles was the Swiss "Swinger King" - a traditional Swiss sport callen Schwingen that involves two really big fellas (there's exactly one weight class) holding each other's trousers and trying to throw each other backfirst into the sawdust. The winner of the national title takes home a pedigree bull.
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