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Re: Arden Cogar on TV?

Originally Posted by Mike Gray View Post
I've seen a couple of Arden's older clips, and I'd love to see more competition stuff! Before running into him in this forum (and benefiting from his kindness and generosity), I didn't even know that lumberjacking had a sport-competition side to it. But watching Arden axe the living daylights out of a piece of wood was awesome - in fact, I ended up spending a fair bit of time surfing around to find out more about lumberjacking sports.

I must say, though - as somebody who doesn't have a CLUE about lumberjacking - that whereas I thought all the stuff that involved demolishing things with axes was uber-cool, the power saw events didn't do much for me. To my untutored eyes, they just looked like guys cutting things with chainsaws. (Obviously, this isn't really the case. I just don't tend to "get" any of the sports that involve non-biological motors.) In any case, nice for me that Arden seems to be particularly good at the bio-motor events!

Anyway, if the rest of people in the lumberjacking scene are even remotely like Arden, I just wish I could get my big-boned, broad-shouldered son into it.

Thanks so much for your kind words. Just so you know, I agree with you on the chainsaws. They don't do it for me either. The hand or manual events are the one I enjoy. I particularly enjoy training for them because of the physical demands they put upon the body. Woodchopping and crosscut sawing are great fitness.

How old is your son? And where are you guys located? The reason I ask is that most Universities that have agricultural and forestry programs have Woodsmen's Teams that compete against other colleges in everything from woodchopping to kayak racing. I didn't really get keen on the sport until I was at WVU and training with folk my own age. Some of my fondest memories of the sport come from the years I was on the WVU Woodsmen's team competing against such colleges as Syracuse, Penn State, New Hampshire, Maine, Paul Smiths, Dartmouth, U of New Brunswick, Dabney, NC State, North Carolina, etc . It's a great way to get an athlete to get a chance to start into the sport without the heavy cost of the equipment (right off the bat). I know it provided the impetus for me. Who knows? We could have another champion in our midst?

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