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Re: 2014 Open Training

Felt good today, still have the remnants of a cold though so wod was a little tougher than it should have been but oh well.

July 25
Power Clean and Jerk
Warmups.... 241lbsx1 251x1 258x1 266x1 273x0 246x2x2

Went really well, it's been awhile since I power cleaned 266. Form felt really good.

Handstands, 60sec rest - 30secx2

Heel Pulls, 60sec Rest - 10x2

Toe Pulls, 60sec Rest - 10x2

All went well, felt good.

Handstand walk practice - about 10 attempts, best was about 7ft which would be a slight PR

Starting to get the hang of this, I see much more coming soon.

5 Rounds, 3min Rest:
3min AMRAP:
7 x 145lb Jumping Squats
5 x Kipping HSPU
Scores: 22/22/23/23/31

I have a lot of trouble with Kipping HSPUs, I fell off the wall a lot. Even though I was more fatigued at the end my form got better so my scores went up. The kip was much harder after doing the jumping Squats.
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