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Re: jp crossfit san diego goes thru a sn progression

i think both dutch and jp are great athletes, but they had not yet felt that heavy weight that they were both capable of lifting. i think dutch's best snatch was 80 as well or close to it and yet he was much better than that, same with jp. i felt that it was important for them to "feel" that heavy wt. with jp and dutch we started them with no pre-conceived notion of what they would do or even if they would be trying for a new record, but i wanted to as a coach see if they could handle a heavier load with all the supporting muscle groups. so in reality this workout was more for me "to see" "to try" "to experiment" with. it worked. sounds like: THE BLACK BOX to me!! once their confidence was built and the knew they could handle the wt it became a no brainer. i use to have casey b doing sn balances, sn pp+ohs and rack jerks all the time to build that confidence. hope this helps.
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