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Re: 1 Year In

Excellent testimonial, Lindsay!

Originally Posted by Lindsay Grant View Post
...but it was at that time that I realized I could no longer eat anything under the sun.
Then just eat inside.

I honestly don't know what I weigh because I haven't gotten on a scale since June but in June I was 138.
Good for you!!! Don't. As you've learned, body comp and performance are much better indicators of health than is weight.

I learned that I don't have to run miles and eat little to lose weight (it seems like that made me gain)
Not only do you not have shouldn't.

and I learned how to love myself and my body in a different way. I want to be thin but I want to be strong and lean.

2. Continue working on getting stomach is THE HARDEST place to lose fat and it seems to be taking forever.
Just keep working on the getting stronger goal, and the fat loss from your midsection will come. As I'm sure you know, targeting where you lose the fat from just doesn't work. Just keep losing fat in general, and it'll fall from your midsection when it happens.

You were 138lbs in June. How tall are you?

- Mark
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