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Allen, yeah I know He really needs to get into N. VA. It's really hard though. They would have to import the beer into VA and they have to have a warehouse there in VA. Crazy state!

Tom, I hear ya bother. I will have to drop a hint and see what Matt says. But as for the outdoor "painstorm" I dig that!

Robert, yeah Rock-bottom is still around. I don't
get out much but I know it's in the area.

I love how beer brings people together....ahaha well actually I just love beer!
Hook and Ladder will be at the Dominion Beer festival on June 23, 24 and 25. It's like 20 bucks to get in and then you get a little glass to go and try all kinds of beers. I think it's like a buck a glass. I had a great time last year! If you go stop at the H$L bar and tell them jen sent you. I'm not sure if that will get you a beer but it might!
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