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Re: Difference In Pendlay Bars

Originally Posted by John Seiler View Post
The economy bar is usually $229. I believe the one you're seeing is a closeout on economy bars without the oxide finish. It will rust but some folks don't care.
John is right. The "CrossFit" bar you are talking about is really the CrossFit discount on the Pendlay Economy bar.

The plain steel version differs only in the placement of breaks in the knurling at 32 inches apart rather than 36 inches apart, and the addition of a center knurl. The knurling texture is the same. The steel is the same and the sleeves/bushings are the same. The plain steel version will rust, but this will not affect the performance, only the appearance. Many lifter's myself included, prefer the feel that plain steel gives over any coating. Chrome bars just don't feel quite as good as theses do.

The black zinc that Glenn puts on the rest of his bars has a feel that is almost indistinguishable from plain steel and will protect from rust. Bars that use black oxide coating feel nice as well, but will rust almost as fast as plain steel will.

The plain steel bar is an amazing deal at $119. A couple of years ago, when CrossFit was not as big, you couldn't find a decent oly bar with snap rings, decent whip and knurling for less than $400. You will also not find another product made in the United States with anywhere near this quality for this price. Even if you made something like this overseas, you could not duplicate a bar of this quality for a similar price.

I have sold a ton of the plain steel bars. My guess that they will not be around much longer. Glenn is not making them any more, and does not plan to make them in the future.

It is really nice that you can get decent equipment without having to spend over $1000 on a training weightset from an IWF certified manufacturer. The growth of CrossFit has come to the attention of several manufactures and there are many affordable options available. Many of the people who started CrossFitting recently have no idea how hard it was to get decent equipment just a short time ago.
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