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Re: How Has Paleo Worked For You?

Originally Posted by James Besenyei View Post
Kirez, if you think that Paleo is unsound then why are you still attempting to implement it as part of your health regiment? It seems to me you are not convinced of its efficacy. Paleo may not be the answer for you. And that would be fine.

The other question I have for you is this: what are the known adaptations that occurred during the period of accelerated human evolution, who completed the recent work, what peer reviewed journal was the theory/study published in, and how have these evolutionary adaptations reworked human physiology/anatomy (particularly the digestive system)?

Brad, thanks for the tip on macadamia nuts.
Adaption for lactose tolerance
Evolution of the human mouth to deal with cooked food.
Humans carry more copies additional salivary amylase gene and here
All WFS. Not the primary sources so you may need to dig around.

I'm not knocking "paleo". It just not cut and dried that our ancestors were primarily meat eaters. Tubers probably played an important part. Fibre was upto 100g per day We may ave gene adaptions for grain. Weston Price seemed to find plenty of healthy traditional grain based diets.
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