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Re: How Has Paleo Worked For You?

Originally Posted by Kirez Reynolds View Post
Ah, I'll try the nuts fix.

Part of the reason I'm confessing and mentioning my carb cravings... I've been aware of and sympathetic to and trying to adopt Paleo since 1999. This is because I have a background in evolutionary psychology.

Since 99, that's 9 years, and you're still trying it??????

I agree with this theory --- in broad outlines. But this is a brand new theoretical development and it's got a lot of weak elements.

I haven't read nearly enough on Paleo, so my outline of the theory may be incomplete. But to my understanding, the theory is driving a technology on a very shaky scientific foundation.

but I am driven to wonder whether paleo is wholly sound, based in part on my own experience trying to use it.
How about "you're way over thinking it, and just do it, strict for 6 months to a year", toss out the boxes/cans (packaged foods),etc, eat the basic Paleo foods.

How can you comment on it's supposed weak elements?? If you're going to "talk the talk, shouldn't you walk the walk.??!!

These type of posts, just confuse and make others wonder if this type of eating works, as it obviously isn't working for you, but, it's working for quite a few CF'rs and PM posters

It's amazing how some over think or question what boils down to "basic work".

You got to love the Nike motto "Just Do It"as opposed to:
"Post question, discuss, repost, discuss, make excuses, repost, discuss..........................
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