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Re: OHP not increasing

I'm still on a basic linear progression like SS and after stalling so many times on the same weight, I decided to increase my weight by increments of 2.5 lbs and changing the rep scheme before increasing the weight. By that, I mean doing 5x3, 4x4, and then 3x5 over the course of 3 sessions; if I make all my sets of 5, I move up the weight. I've also been doing this for my squats after deloading so many times.

The progression will be a lot slower, but way more consistent than trying to hit 3x5 all the time. You will recover easier, and and it's much less demotivating. Over the course of two months, my OHP work set has increased by 15 lbs. While I did stall occasionally on some sessions, so far I have NEVER had to deload (knock on wood).

Granted, I was doing OHP 3 times a week without any tricep accessories during this time, and I didn't even start benching and doing dips again until a few weeks ago. This will probably slow down my OHP progression even more, but I'm okay with that since my bench is absolute crap after neglecting it for so long.

I hope this helps!
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