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Re: Aman-DUH workout log

Long time, no

Synopsis is in no particular order...

CF team competition. Thoughts. It was yay fun to be with everyone and working together. I find that I work much harder when I have a team. Letting myself down is one thing. Letting a team down is an abomination in my books. That **** just don't fly with me. Realized I need to work better at focusing my energy and forgetting what weights I've pulled in the past and just get zoned out. I'm used to maintaining calm demeanor throughout an entire day of competition, so this will be tough for moi.

Sickness/illness and all the stuff that goes through me. Yeah, like next level stomach/intestinal illness spread forth through my body like nobody's biznez. This was a new one for me. Still hungry, but everything sharp pains and bubble guts. My bowels were possessed...

The post-illness life. What does a perfectly normal, smart, educated on food chic do after she starts to feel better? She eats all the ice cream damnit, thats what she does. Then she thinks she might be knocked up because her stomach is not playing nice. Turns out, not with child (WHEW), just incredibly dumb. I'm on the 21 day sugar detox now. Must cleanse thy system.

Shoulder-fuctupidness. Going for cortisone shot next week. Sweet relief, you will be mine. I got hit while riding my bike a few years ago. It destabalized shoulder and never healed correctly. Now it's a touchy little misfit. Keeps me from doing things I now love like hand stand push ups, kipping pull ups and all the Oly lifts.

CFE certification. SO.MUCH.FUNNESS Really, it's great. I'm in, I love it, I hope I can help spread all the CFE. I like that I can still do CF while training for IMLP next year. Watch out world. I'm educated about my fitness now and I want you to drink the kool-aid too. Also, down the road I'd like to get into teaching CFE as well. I like helping people get better at fitness I have realized. It gets me pretty pysched. I just need to shed my ***** face exterior.

6 years of clean livin. Gonna celebrate and reward myself with a new tattoo. I have a few ideas, still making sure I know exactly what I want and where. Age gives you the privilege of wisdom and patience. No more impulsive tatoos for this cowgirl.

Fianlly...the DEADLIFT. It's peak week at the gym. Doesn't mean tons to me since this past month has been off with my illness and shoulder. But I do loves me some deadliftin. Hit a PR of 265' Only 15' from dble body weight and plans for 300' are on my radar.

Plans to keep up with workouts are back. Gonna start keeping better accounts on here again now that I'm feeling better.
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