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Re: Regarding Wednesday 161012

If done right, with proper warm-up and movement prep and rest between sets and cool down/stretching post-workout, this is a workout in and of itself as suggested by others. Like Mike Vinson said, all of this can actually end up being a longer day than most.

While many people have fallen into the trap of thinking they need a metcon or some monostructural cardio every day, I think that is really what I have suggested--a trap. We need heavy days where you just lift, get a neuroendocrine response from your body, and then recover for the next day. Otherwise the programming starts to look more like chronic cardio. And I say this as a former endurance athlete.

I really question whether some of the popular programming out there--with 2.5+ hours of training 6 days a week--is the best training for most athletes. If you are a higher level Regionals athlete, or a Games athlete, and have superior genetics and are very disciplined with recovery (eating well, sleeping, avoiding stress, and so on) then maybe that works. But nobody is going to be able to go really hard for 2.5 hours a day six days a week. I tend to think the vast majority of people out there are going to get greater benefit with less volume but higher intensity. Hit it hard and then rest. And then do it again the next day.
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