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Odd Knee Pain on left knee

The URL below goes a picture which shows where my left knee hurts.

The injury occured during the 5x5 back squats 2 days ago. I only get the pain on the way up whilst doing full ROM squats & parallel squats, it is far more intense the lower I go.... half squats, running or power cleans etc do not cause any pain. Neither does walking or quad stretches.

The issue is on my left knee and I would describe the location as the anterior lateral portion of the knee. The pain is not on the patella at all.

I ran a marathon in 2000 and got a wicked case of ITB (on my right knee). The pain I am having are remarkably similiar to the knee pain associated with ITB.

There in no visible swelling and it does not feel swollen. I have been RICEing but really it does not feel any better.

Any ideas? in advance....
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