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Skip posted the exact link I was going to post, since it was that journal that I went by. Literally, all I did was go by the journal on it, and it went fantastic. I do think the spacing between the rungs could be farther than recommended (I believe it says around 1 foot between rungs, but they just seem too close to me.) No biggie, if you make one and its too close, too long, not even, whatever, just undo the figure 8 knots, and redo it. It honestly is very simple to make going by the journal. If someone needs further explanation than the journal on the ladder, PM me, and we will talk about it. I am very stoked about the ladder, we played on it yesterday until I had no grip left, and we have a Level 1 cert going on this morning, thats how much I liked it. Next stop, cargo netting!
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