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I keep the warmup just as randomly varied as the WoDs - with some focus on whatever my weak point is.

For now, I am rowing 2k or running 2.5k, some walking lunges, muscle-ups, kb swings and snatches (light weight). Throw in some double unders, HSPU, OHS, and L-sits for round 2. I almost always finish with a round or two of the Burgner warmup - one with the stick and one with a 10kg bar. If I am doing oly lifting that day, I will add another round with a 20kg bar.
Some dynamic stretching after the warmup is great, especially if I am a little tight in a certain area.

USAW teaches that static stretching prior to working out yields a decrease in performance. The best time to perform static stretches (if any) is post workout. I cool down with some dynamic stretches to keep the DOMS at bay.

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