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Thomas Beasley
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over the past weeks i have been cutting dairy out of my diet. so far i have had little trouble removing the majority of dairy products. cottage cheese seems to be the last step. half a cup of cottage cheese has been my bedtime snack for the past three years. now i am having trouble getting over it. maybe i am strange, but i like the texture of it. i have found a couple ideas that involve tofu, variations of spankapita.

but i thought to ask what others who may be following the paleo diet or just dont do dairy what they sub, if anything for cottage cheese.

i know i could do eggs and fruit, or some kind of fish and vegetable combo. but at bedtime i really don't want to go through the hastle and honestly i have had my fill of eggs, fruit, fish, and vegetables in my other four meals. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. but i might just have to go cold turkey on this one.
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