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Re: Hydration / Gastrolyte Tablets / Excess Urination / Exercise

Originally Posted by Mike Shaw View Post
After the background info my question (s) would be

*Does anyone feel they are actually losing nutrients from their body by urinating 6 times a day?
*The body must be losing something during intense sessions of CF or a Gi roll in BJJ
*Has anyone tried a form of nutrient replacement without the sugars associated with Gatorade?
*(Last one sounds bad) I dont know what the genetic makeup of these tabs are (the chemist assures me they suit my CF diet ideals) and they seem effective, any thoughts?
Apologies for the long topic, a search didnt provide me any answers.....
Yes if your not replacing volume in the first place.. you become dehydrated which has its hosts of problems. If you are replacing volume too quickly, you end up diluting electrolytes and swelling blood cells.. you have problems.
You need to stay in balance... your drinking constantly and squirting constantly you need to either eat something like fruit or a meal to at least get something back in. Gatorade's problem was, the sugar that was in it... yes it had electrolytes that were replacing loss elements but the sugar causes you to rapidly spike your blood sugar and the body's first reaction is to squirt the sugar out of you. Back to square one if you were in that grey zone.

Second question, your losing electrolytes all the time, hence eating helps keep the balance.. fruit is optimal.

third... your gastrolyte is fine.. mix with water or 3 parts water to one part juice your golden.. freeze it and you have popsicles. .. mix it jello if you want.

Eat fruit and your assured that your getting your lytes, your fibre and the other benefits. But if you got the runs, well... this stuff could make the difference.
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