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Hydration / Gastrolyte Tablets / Excess Urination / Exercise

I previously had a bad case of food poisoning which totally wrecked my body for days, it was the worst i'd ever encountered without being too vulgar....

When capable i went to the chemist and bought some Gastrolyte Tabs which were designed for people who have suffered a severe crash in fluids or were recovering from intense exercise. They are an electrolyte replacement effervescent tablet much like Gatorade just without (im told) all the bad sugars of Gatorade....

After a day of taking the prescribed dosage I awoke the next day feeling better than I had in years! Movement was fluid, body wasnt aching and after 2 years of CF an BJJ i'd forgotten how good this had felt!

Moving on....

I train a hybrid of CF Football and BJJ with 2 rest day's P/week... We are coming into Summer and have resumed BJJ with a Gi in prep for comp and the sweat is just pouring out, Not to mention the CF style WOD's which have a knack for raising the body temp.....

Diet's in check with clean, Paleo type Zone portion's. Fresh fruit, vegies, meat, chicken, sugar from coffee in the morning only etc. Fish oil for anti inflamm...
I drink 2-3L of water at work and another 1L minimum when training and am urinating regularly, clearly, all's good.....

However, with all this water, urinating, exercise and humidity my body must be losing something because it sure feels like it... Waking tired, lethargic an sore generally which comes with the territory of my program and lifestyle I assume.

I have resumed taking 1 Gastrolyte tablet after BJJ specifically and have noticed improvement in the morning and general well being during the day...


After the background info my question (s) would be

*Does anyone feel they are actually losing nutrients from their body by urinating 6 times a day?
*The body must be losing something during intense sessions of CF or a Gi roll in BJJ
*Has anyone tried a form of nutrient replacement without the sugars associated with Gatorade?
*(Last one sounds bad) I dont know what the genetic makeup of these tabs are (the chemist assures me they suit my CF diet ideals) and they seem effective, any thoughts?

Apologies for the long topic, a search didnt provide me any answers.....

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