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Andy Smith
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Lower Lumbar/Sacrum Soreness

A few weeks ago, I think I strained something in my lower lumbar area. I started feeling it right after a workout that consisted of dumbbell snatches, swings and burpees. Now, when I do any movement that requires me to squat below parallel, or use my back to lift heavy loads, which seems like half the program, I feel a little pain in my lower left lumbar area. It may even be a little lower than that, around my sacrum or L5 definitely seems to be on my left side though. I was not using much weight at the time, but the reps were fairly high and I could feel my form getting a little sloppy towards the end of the workout. I didnít notice anything during the workout, or immediately after. It took a few hours for me to notice some stiffness and soreness. I took a break for a couple days and started back up being careful not to do anything resembling a deep squat with heavy loads or other movements that seemed to agitate it. Recently, although I can still feel a little pain there, Iíve been working through it, resuming my normal workout. Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, I feel a little more sore in that region than usual, and tight too. When I stretch my lower back into hyperextension (arching my chest outward), just casually as I stand up from my desk, I can feel some pain emanate from that area. Iíve had some problems with my lower back in the past, but this is a notable difference from the normal soreness that Iíve experienced before. Any suggestions about what might of happened, or how I should proceed with my workout routine? Iíve got my own theories, but Iím pretty new to the program and my understanding of sports injuries and recovery is cursory. Any observations would be helpful. Thanks. -Andy
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