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Re: Cyclone Speed Rope, Rx Jump Rope, SR-1 Speed Rope, etc.?

Jump rope is more of a preference thing, so it wil differ person to person.

I have both the rogue S-1 and Rx jump ropes. Personally I perfer the Rx jump ropes a bit more (it could be, just because I have gotten use to using it though). However, I find that with Rx jump ropes the thickness really helps in learning double unders and gives the rope some momentum.

Recently I have been experenmenting with trying smaller sizes/thinkness of the Rx jump rope. And when I put on the thinist size (hyper, similar thickness to the S-1) i didn't not like it at all. Most people that I know use the Rx ropes use either the ultra or elite thickness. Buff is also a great size if you are just learning double unders.
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