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How's my intake?

Wanting to get back in the swing of things and know it's paramount I gotta get serious with my eating. If someone can "coach" me on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Zone says I'm 15 blocks.

This is what I am going to eat for 2 weeks straight: no sugar, no deviation (unless you give me reason to)!

2 whole eggs; 1 apple(of course I keep the skin on!); Tbsp natural peanut butter(no hydrogenated b/s); 8oz. fat free milk.

*WOD is usually about right here*

1 orange; 1/2 slice toast(it's pretty grainy, 5 grams of fiber); 9 olives; 4 oz. turkey deli meat(low sodium boarshead, anything else?).

1/2 romaine head; 1/4 cucumber; 1/2 green bell pepper; ~1/4 cup organic corn; 2-3 Tbsp olive oil vinegarette; 3 oz. chicken breast; 2 campari tomatoes.

*Or right here for the WOD*

3/4 cup cottage cheese; 3 kiwis(from Heaven I'm sure); 9 almonds.

Alternate between 4oz Salmon and 4oz top sirloin; 2 cups cooked broccoli; 1 slice toast(yeah yeah yeah, I know, its the same as sugar :P, w/butter spreaded on.

I take a multivitamin with breakfast and one fishoil with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Any advice will help, as long as it's backed by performance, of course

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