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Re: Tendonitis?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
In the quad, eh?

You didn't say that in your original post.... only thing you said was that there was pain under your patella which is not consistent with tendonitis.

Tendonitis is generally overuse anyway, and not acquired from one session acutely. If you had been working hard, it's possible that the Muay Thai aggravated it somewhat, but I still wouldn't think that is the case. Could just be the bruise though, eh.

Can you upload a picture of where it hurts? And describe if it's primarily bone/tendon/muscle/etc. + a more comprehensive explanation of what exercises hurt?
Hmm, well when you mentioned tightness in the quad, I do notice that there is a weird feeling as I squat...maybe like it's weaker. I honestly could just be imagining that, and its definitely not significant, and it does not hurt at all...

Sorry, don't have a camera otherwise I'd put up some pics...

I'll try to explain in more detail. The pain is a sharp pain right under my kneecap in the front. I can't tell if it's tendon, bone, or what, but it's certainly not muscle pain. I don't recall ever having tendon pain, so I'm not sure if this is that either. There used to be bruising on the inside of my leg from getting whacked but that pretty much went away, with just a little tenderness to the touch; however, this is NOT my main complaint. I think there is still some swelling in the front of my knee...again right under the knee cap.

The pain occurs if I do anything like aggressively jumping. It used to hurt when I just jumped, but that has since gone away. It hurts if I do a push press. Again, that jumping motion with my leg locked out brings the pain. Lastly, the pain is accentuated if I were to sit in a chair and simply extend my leg. When doing this exercise, I can really pinpoint the pain right below my knee cap. With everything else I am fine.

I have been training hard in general, but certainly not overboard or I'm sure not any more than most people here. I.e. just the WOD and maybe a 3 mile run before hand. The Muay Thai was definitely intense just from the physical contact. Anyways, hope I am more clear. Thanks for your help!
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