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Jon Beardsley
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Hope someone can help. I have a pain on the inside of the elbow and the first couple of inches of my bicep. Its been there a while and I think it start when I over reached throwing a punch several weeks ago. I've just kept training with it until last week when it started getting much worse and now I can't lift any weight with my hand in the supine (palm up) position. Neutral and prone seem OK. I've been told it's tendonitis and to leave it a week then start excentric exercises on that arm. All the stuff I've read regarding bicep tendonitis refers to the shoulder, but that's not a problem. Also, would it be OK to continue doing pull ups (hand over/prone) as this doesn't seem to bother it? Chins (I alternate pull ups and chins to get a mix) I realise are out and to be honest I couldn't do them if my life depended on it at the moment. Also there is no swelling or redness and it isn't sore to the touch. It only hurts if I put pressure/weight on the arm with the palm up. Is it OK to keep exercising with pushing moves? I really don't want to lose any ground I've gained, but I also don't want to end up with permanent damage.

Any help and advice would be gratefully received.

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