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Re: again faster bar

Originally Posted by Jon Gilson View Post
Good morning guys,

I'm stoked you're talking through the Team Bar.

A few points of clarification:

The current generation of Team Bars is made in the USA, and we stand behind them 100%. There's literally nothing in the sleeve assembly that can break under normal use; solid bushings and snap rings don't have moving parts, so there is very little susceptibility to failure.

The spin actually improves with use. I wouldn't lube quite yet; give it a few sessions. If there is truly an issue use 3-in-1 oil, not WD-40, as the latter can attract particulates (and I'll speak to my staff on that recommendation).

The Team Bar is inexpensive because general use barbells SHOULD be inexpensive. The CrossFit Community has funneled millions of dollars of buying power into Again Faster; the least we can do is pass on the savings we gain by leveraging volume. It's an easy thank you, as is our 100% guarantee.

Regarding Klokov and the forthcoming competition barbells, they're sick. Genuinely awesome. I know I'm a biased source, but you won't believe the level of steel, bearing, whip, tensile etc. these barbells possess, nor the price they're going to hit the market at this September. It will shock you, in a very good way.

We just debuted the kit at the Games this weekend (along with the Klokov competition plates), and the reaction is outstanding.

Dimitry is snatching 397 on it, push pressing 418, and he's fired up about the equipment (finally). That's no small thing with D.; he's been rejecting prototypes for months. Note that the Klokov equipment isn't something we just put his name on. He has been completely involved in the development process since day one.

Here's the video: (WFS)

If you'd like to get a notification when the Klokov equipment goes up on the site, sign up here: (WFS)

Hit me up if you've got questions; I'm always happy to help.


When will these be available in Canada?
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