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Knee Pain - Horizontal tear at lateral meniscus - Surgery?

I need advice if I would need to go for surgery for this knee issue.

6 weeks back, my left knee swell up after standing and walking during work, nothing uncommon.

Subsequently till now , even after knee swell has subsided, the main issue is I have is aching pain felt at the back of my knee during left terminal knee extension (weighted & unweighted) and full knee flexion.

Since then, I have seen physical therapists, did sport and ART massages, even dry needling as I thought it may be caused by tight muscles or trigger points.

4 weeks after first onset (last week), my knee swell up the next day after I did light weighted squats (trying out). But finally I bought a knee sleeve, which resolve the swelling after two days. Compression seems to help alot this instance. Since then, I have been wearing a knee sleeve.

Last few days, I have just seen an orthopaedic and did an MRI. Doc suggested keyhole surgery after the Findings on the MRI report (files as attached) states:

"There is horizontal tear present at the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus. This reaches the inferior surface of the meniscus."

The Impression in the report states:

"Suspected horizontal tear present at the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus reaching the inferior meniscal surface"

I am in my mid-30s and looking to CrossFit for at least another 20 years. No prior injury to knee before. Do my question is do I necessarily need surgery for this? Or it may just heal on its own? Anything I can do other than not squatting for now, to promote healing?

You can refer to the attached report, or enquire further here on the condition.

I understand there are mixed opinions for surgery, especially for my non-traumatic meniscus tear. Appreciate your kind helpful opinions on the above.
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