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Re: Are these the same bar?


I like what you're doing on the Boards. Transparency is a good thing for all of us, and I really enjoy your thoughts.

In the interest of transparency:

They're not the same bar, guaranteed (after 5+ years on the market with this item, we're on Gen 3.0 of the Again Faster Team Barbell with a protected design), but there's plenty of reverse engineering in the world of equipment, especially within the CrossFit market.

The reality: We create a path, engineering, testing, and refining, and those new to the business are often content to follow us. In the paraphrased words of Bill Henniger: "You and I compete, just like we always have. They're just copying us."

The challenge for us is to engineer better solutions, bring them to market faster, and to protect our IP. In the absence of this triad, the amount of time to reap any commercial reward (and recoup our investment) shrinks incredibly fast as more followers find the market.

Therefore, we simply stay ahead of the curve. Better gear, faster. Investment in design, execution, service, and education. If the customer trusts our brand and our innovation pedigree, they'll shop with us. That is our burden and our responsibility.

In the end, we'll let the followers follow. By definition, they'll always be behind.


"Good intentions are no excuse for incompetence." -Peter Drucker

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