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I hadn't thought about strengthening the inner thigh; most of what I'd heard had to do with leg extensions or otherwise strengthening the VMO.

I've been doing lots of one-legged squats, and one-legged quarter squats on stability discs to work on balance from the ankle and knee, and I felt like that's been helping (it's only been a couple weeks since I rededicated to rehabbing, so full results are hard to see), but I'll try incorporating some inner thigh strengthening too. That'd be more on the machines they have at the gym for it, yeah? Are there any good free weight/bodyweight exercises for isolating the area?

I realize isolation is not ideal, but it'd be supplementing full-body work to help get things back to speed.

I have been aware of my hip a lot; usually when I have the time to warm up properly and stretch my knee gives me much less grief.

On another note, I just rolled my other ankle yesterday, so it looks like I'll have to strengthen both now. I've got some theraband to do exercises with, but is there a better exercise to work dorsiflexion? That's my primary weakness in my left ankle and I think will be a lot of what my right needs too, now.
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