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Re: Any crossfitters tried the bioforce assessment?

not trying to bash him at all. Just stating things from his forum. He does not seem to be a huge fan of HIIT training and there is a thread on his forum now referring to charles poliquin as a quack. Anyway I actually purchased joels book looking for more information on training. So far it seems like a good read. I'll have to see about integrating it. I am still unsure whether I am on board with his stuff as I am more in the strength and HIIT camp. When I was at peak condition 4 months ago for a tournament using more crossfit concepts I was acing most of his bioforce and overall was just under an 8. On the other hand I can see where he is coming from when saying there is a need to balance all training because I am severally overtrained and still paying for it now as I try to recover. 20+ hours of bjj per week and 3 conditioning sessions definitely takes a toll.

My main question is how are crossfitters comparing using crossfit methods on joels tests. This isn't to bash joel or his ideas. I'm sure he gets good results. I just want to know if high intensity style training such as crossfit is also producing the same results.
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