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Re: Any crossfitters tried the bioforce assessment?

Originally Posted by Kevin Scott View Post
I was kind of wondering the same thing. Not sure if it is accurate or not. I know this Joel guy has some good concepts, but is against most high intensity circuit type stuff. So not a fan of crossfit or ross enamit. Also saw on a forum their that they dislike charles poliquin and think he is a quack.
You sound like you're trying to stir up a Joel bashing session here.

Joel has made a point of not criticizing Ross Enamait. He doesn't agree with Ross' stuff, but he doesn't criticize him over the internet. I also wouldn't generalize that Joel is against circuits.

Joel explains the science behind all his methods, and many people have had great results from them. He also is able to track improvements and training stress through the OmegaWave.

If you have any questions about his methods and/or why they didn't seem to work as well as CrossFit for you, I'd be glad to help.
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