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Re: : All the WODs in one place!

Glad you like it! As you noted, some posts from affiliates (or blogs we all love to check otherwise) write posts that don't include workouts, and in other circumstances the actual WOD will be toward the end of a post.

Personally, this is why I love reading them. I get to experience a bit of the context that these WODs are presented in. To aid in the 'discovery' aspect of the WODs however, we have "tags" that show particular keywords that are included in a post. For example, you might see a "Fran" keyword on a post, and know that somewhere in that post they mentioned Fran. I can't guarantee that it's a post about doing Fran vs. the blog mentioning a member named Fran, though.

Also, if you mouse over the "Preview" button (or click open an entry on the mobile site), you'll see a text-only preview of the blog content, so you can get a quick peek before you click over.

If you have some ideas of how we might best present the content though, I'm all ears! We want this to serve the Crossfit community and would love any feedback to help us make it a better experience.
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