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Re: : All the WODs in one place!

Originally Posted by Brian Doll View Post
I wanted to let everyone know about a website a friend and I just put together to draw more attention to all the great WODs that our growing number of affiliates are putting out there every day.

As a Crossfitter, I've always been curious to see how other gyms program their WODs, and love to see the photos and videos that get shared through affiliate blogs.

For trainers, this is a great way to keep up with how other gyms are programming, and build a stronger presence in the community by having your WODs included on the site. You can also search across all the WODs, so you can see how many great workouts include kettlebells, for example.

Right now the site aggregates ~100 blogs and growing. Please email me or msg me on the board if you'd like to suggest a blog to include.

So, get your dose of daily WODs from across the world by visiting one site. We have a simple mobile view that will work automatically if you visit the site on a smart phone or iPad as well.

We've got lots of ideas for where this will go, but we'd love to hear your feedback first! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Wodfinder: (w/f safe, of course)


this looks great! how do we see the actual wods though? it seems like all the headings are blog posts, not specifically wods. I love seeing all the blog posts too but is there a way to only see wods posted?
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