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Mark, what is usually done around here is this: if you are currently at .7 for your activity, you start at base Zone levels while doing the WOD until you start to drop below 10% towards 5% BF. At that point you begin to multiply the fat blocks to find the appropriate amount of calories to sustain functional mass.

There is truth to the point that you will reach a level of enhanced performance/health/body-comp. if you can tweak your activity to achieve the 1.0 multiplier, but for many that isn't practical. For all intents and purposes, you would assume 1.0 if you did the WOD + long warm-up + skill work on top of multiple hours of training for sports in a day. While this is optimum for elite athletes, it's hardly practical for anybody with a 9-5 job!

The problem with the base Zone levels is that it's VERY lean in calories (which is a good thing for losing weight or for sedentary people). In order to keep up the hormonal optimization, you have to find something to bolster calories that is hormonally neutral. That's where monounsaturated fat comes in.
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