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Re: Intermittent fasting / Power Laws / DeVany's EF etc.

Originally Posted by Brent Mattis View Post
What Tyson said. I'm having a hard time squaring Barry Sears recommendations to eat early, balanced, and often, with the IF/EF suggestion of throwing in fasting periods. They seem contradictory.

Brent, not sure if you noticed but this thread is 5 years old and Tyson's response is 1.5 years old. But hey, you want to know...

You are correct, they are somewhat at odds with each other. Robb recommends a relatively short fast, between 15-18 hours. For example, you may not eat between 6 PM and 10 AM the next morning. That still give you plenty of time for all your meals. Also, eating 2-4 times a day is fine. There's no benefit to more frequent meals.

I think Sears recommends more frequent meals because at 40% carbs, you will get hungry and will need to eat to keep blood glucose levels stable. On a lower carb diet, the glycemic load is low enough to avoid the spike and drop between meals.
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