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Re: Minor homemade med-ball question s

Ping pong balls might be a good option. Here's another odd-ball idea I just had--how about stuffing a basketball with golf balls? I don't know if it's easy or cheap to get used golf balls, but it's a thought. I also like the expanding foam idea. On a similar note, maybe cutting some high density foam into cubes could work.

It would be nice to be able to come up with a reliable system to make med-balls of varying weights while keeping the weight distribution even.

As for an update on my own project, the ball is working perfectly for me. I've played around with it a fair bit since getting it together, and my only complaint so far is that one strip of duct tape (out of dozens) came off and had to be reapplied. I think that might be because I cheaped out and bought the least expensive tape at home depot (something like $2 for a roll). If necessary, I'll reapply some nicer tape. As it was, the ball only cost me around $7, so I am more than pleased with the cost:benefit ratio for a perfectly usable 20# med-ball.
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