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Re: Minor homemade med-ball question s

Originally Posted by Jo Maas View Post
Hi Neal, I recently made a home-made medicine ball too. I filled mine to the brim to make a 10kg'er so I didn't need to put in any filler. But if you are making one of a lesser weight, then I think you need to fill the rest with saw dust. Now, I'm not sure that just packing in the sawdust at the end is the way to go, I think you might need to weigh your sand first and mix in the sawdust then fill the ball with the mix. I haven't done that personally - I'm only going by what I've read on internet instructions - actually I'm not sure how the mix would go being poured into a funnel?

The other option is to fill the ball with the required sand, and then add uncooked rice (it's heaps lighter). It'll travel down the funnel better than sawdust I think.

I didn't cut on a seam, just a small X (about 3 x 3cm) so that the funnel would fit.

Have fun! Let us know how you go.
Thanks, Jo. Rice is a good idea, I may just go with that. I'm aiming to get this one somewhere around 12 lbs so I suspect I will have a decent amount of extra space to fill.

I'm thinking maybe it's best not to cut on the seams as the cut seems (OH! PUN!) more likely to widen on its own.
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