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Re: Minor homemade med-ball question s

Hi Neal, I recently made a home-made medicine ball too. I filled mine to the brim to make a 10kg'er so I didn't need to put in any filler. But if you are making one of a lesser weight, then I think you need to fill the rest with saw dust. Now, I'm not sure that just packing in the sawdust at the end is the way to go, I think you might need to weigh your sand first and mix in the sawdust then fill the ball with the mix. I haven't done that personally - I'm only going by what I've read on internet instructions - actually I'm not sure how the mix would go being poured into a funnel?

The other option is to fill the ball with the required sand, and then add uncooked rice (it's heaps lighter). It'll travel down the funnel better than sawdust I think.

I didn't cut on a seam, just a small X (about 3 x 3cm) so that the funnel would fit.

Have fun! Let us know how you go.
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