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Re: Power Cleans - Pain in the Chest?

I've had crappy shoulder tendons for faaar to long and didn't rehab them properly. The right shoulder is sligthly impinged and the tendon in the middle of my delt gets inflamed.

with regard to rehab... I am being fairly proactive with them

rest - i take an extra rest day as needed.
ice - 3-5 times a day

I'm doing easy dislocates and light hangs from a bar to release tension and improve mobility.

I'm continuing with a balance of shoulder press and chest press (S.S. program)

Analgesis - love my a535.

Therapy - I've been self massaging aggressive 2-3 times per week // cross-tendon, ART, tennis ball.

Slowly improving..... (a little better every week as long as I don't reinjure)

The dropping my shoulders and losing form response is something that I will work with. If I can avoid bad form I hope to get healed without dropping power cleans. I reallly like the exercise.

Thanks for the inputs.l
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