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Re: Advise on getting clients?

You need to get out and about to show and tell people that your are there.

*Try and have a showing for 1 day in a shopping mall
*Give out flyers to people on the street/malls and tell them what you have to offer. Use current members for help.
*Set up a sign by a main road where there are shops or a mall
*Give out flyers at schools if you are allowed or contact local schools and ask if you can bring crossfit to them to try it out during a couple of days when they have exercise classes

If they are not coming to you you need to come to the people. spending a few hours at peak time where there are loads of people can really pay off.

Make it clear what you have to offer as Chris pointed out and try and get a kids class going. The parents take the kids to class, they sit around and watch. After a few weeks they find it more and more interesting, you talk to them and let them try it out... bingo even more members.

Its all about being creative.

good luck
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