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Re: Exercise Associated Hyponatremic Encephalopathy, Gatorade and the ACSM

Originally Posted by Andy Shirley View Post
Normal serum sodium is 135-145 meq/liter. And I completely agree that Gatorade has much less sodium than blood or normal saline, essentially zero.
9000mg / [23mg/mmol Na + 35.4mg/mmol Cl] = 154 ((.9% Saline IV))

Blood Serum Sodium 135-145meq/L has ~3100-3300 mg/L of Sodium. Divide out the molecular weight of 23mg/mmol and you get 135-143 meq/L.

So we are talking the same circular language. But, Exercise Associated Hypo(Na)tremia = I really care about the Sodium.

Gatorade 845mg Na / 23mg/mmol = 37.

If administering a .9% Saline IV (isotonic sodium solution) to an athlete suffering EAH continues to threaten livelihood through overhydration and further reducing sodium levels (in the presence of SIADH), drinking a Gatorade (hypotonic sodium solution) seems to do so at a factor of x10.

I'm not interested in glucose either. But it contributes to tonicity.
Introducing tonicity again is why so many people get confused. Yes, Dextrose contributes to tonicity (Glucose in the case of Gatorade). In a D5NS (5% Dextrose Normal Saline) IV it increases tonicity to assist in hydration. While in Sports Drinks it is also for purported energy and most significantly for taste.

If someone is already hydrated, overhydrated even, why do I care about hydration? And when the low sodium levels are what I am most concerned with why would I want to hydrate more with a product that contains significantly less sodium in solute to hydrate with?

I don't care about Tonicity. I care about Sodium regulation. Again, we get off tracků Why are we over drinking? Who told Cynthia that she needed to drink 1.2 L/hour to stay safe?
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