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Re: Complete Google Maps of All Affiliates

So I have a link to a google file I created that will open in google maps and you can download it as a kmz file. The information came from's website today so the gyms that are in the map are very recent. There are no international affiliates in the map.

If you want to see all of the affiliates you will need to download the kmz and open it in Google earth. When you open it in Google earth it will appear under temporary places labeled Geocoded result: crossfit gym. The reason you would need to download all the file to see list of all the affiliates is places like Chicago on the google map only come through with one location for some reason. If you click on Chicago in the kmz file it will open up a bunch of locations.

If I had a zip code or exact address for each gym then my results would be more accurate so you will see a lot of cities are doubled up with gyms when you click on a dot.
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