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Kevin Roddy
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Okay, I went out there and checked it out. SUPER cool place - weightlifting equpment everywhere, it was my dream home. I played around with a lot of different kettlebells they had, as well as other equipment, and it's honestly some of the coolest stuff I've ever gotten my grubby hands on. I had originally intended to order the 6 inch KB with a thick handle, but I ended up getting an 8 inch with a normal handle. It just felt better to me. My dad also wants to get a curved barbell sometime in the future, and there's more stuff there I plan to buy as well.

All in all, an awesome place with cool stuff. Matt and Jason are really nice guys, they let me goof around with all their stuff (including their balance boards in progress, which was a lot of fun).

I plan to post some photos of kettlebell usage soon, as well. Whoo. :proud:

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