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Re: Zone Question

Thanks guys. I can honestly say that the reason I want to Zone/Paleo is because I have always been told that it is the best nutrition plan for performance and might help with body comp as well. As I said earlier, I am very much an all or nothing person and that goes for food as well. With the Paloe plan not having any real volume limits, I eat more than I should. And I mean a LOT MORE. I can out eat anyone I know and never feel full. I can't remember the last time I actually felt full. So the whole Paleo/Primal premise of eat till you are full doesn't really apply to me. That is why the volume guidlines of Zone, combined with real food eating of Paleo, makes the most sense as far as I can tell. I will start with the articles that y'all recommend and go from there. If anyone has any other thoughts, please chime in. Thanks.
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