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Re: Zone Question

I was fairly strict (80/20-90/10) Paleo for about 10 months and loved it but due to family situations was unable/unwilling to continue with it since last January. I still try to eat somewhat Paleo when I have the time but honestly, I fail rather often. I want to adopt a Zone/Paleo plan and force myself to really "watch" what and how much I eat. I am sort of an all or nothing kind of person and taking little steps at a time does not work for me. I understand that a Zone/Paleo plan is eating on the Zone diet while using Paleo foods, but I am completly lost with the Zone diet. I do not understand blocks and macro/micro nutrients or anything like that. I was hoping someone could break it down very easily for me. Kind of like how you would tell a first grader to eat according to the Zone diet. Thanks for any and all help.
David, I can relate. I'm an all or nothing type person as well. I have always been a super health nut and have maintained a clean whole foods diet for the past five years. I read about the Zone / Paleo Diet and jumped right in with both feet, full fledged,

Which, I'm extremely happy I did because my performance has gone through the roof, my energy level is up and remains consistent throughout the day, I feel great and my body composition changed dramatically. I love it.

I suggest you research and understand the zone diet before implementing the zone, such as: read Enter the Zone by Dr. Sears and you can also go to the Crossfit journal and obtain a ton of info as well. Its an easy diet to follow once you get into the grove.

This would be a great article found on the CF journal for you to start with

Good Luck

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