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Re: Burpees? Push up or belly on ground?

Originally Posted by David Allen Rogers View Post
I don't understand the point of burpees with strict push-ups. The point of a burpee is conditioning by moving your body weight down and up as fast as possible. It doesn't make sense to limit that with a push-up in between. If you want to train push-ups, then do push-ups. If you want to do conditioning, do burpees and get down and up as fast as you possibly can.
Well by doing the pushup in between, that's working both conditioning and strength.

I mean, this very sport of Crossfit is a mixture as well. What's the point of Crossfit when you could become a master of one area, either taking up marathon running or power lifting? To become a more well rounded athlete, right?

Some people just want to get the benefit of both, by doing the pushup in between.

Personally, I do burpees the same as you, by doing them quickly, but there's nothing wrong with either way.
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