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Ben, I certainly can’t top the great advice that has already been given so I will just agree with George’s comment about how CF can enhance other abilities/activities. In addition to doing the standard CF WODs I also modify them a bit to suit my specific needs. As a fire fighter, I incorporate CF into my specialized training/profession. For example I would do a WOD that includes farmers walks up and down the steps of my department with dumbbells or substitute in air tanks under each arm then do a series of walking lunges (with dbs or tanks) followed by doing pull-ups while wearing a weighted vest or substitute it with an air tank pack on my back. It’s all about using your imagination to keep pushing those boundaries and CF is the driving force.

“As a crossfitter you will quickly learn that when it comes to fitness, quality and intensity very easily make up for a lack of quantity.”

Very well stated Russ.
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