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Paleo not today I have evolved. Zone, only if it is an end zone.

Turn on the football games, Miami at Detroit (12:30 p.m.) followed by Tampa Bay at Dallas (4:15 p.m.) and capped off by the Denver Broncos kicking some Kansas City Chief booty at 8 p.m.

1. Turkey,

2. Ham,

3. Sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marsh mellows melted on them,

4. Mashed potatoes, gravy with the giblets,

5. Green beans,

6. Brussels sprouts,

7. Asparagus,

8. Carrots,

9. Cranberries fresh cooked down to a delicious smooth consistency add some sugar (sorry Larry) and orange zest,

10. Ocean Spray canned jelly cranberries, I know awful but my uncle loves them and we always have them for him,

11. Fresh baked rolls, steaming from the oven, add butter here,

12. Lasagna, I know it is crazy but I am Italian and big Momma and my Aunts need to be prepared just in case the 10th Armored Division rolls up and is hungry, we will have enough for the Big Red One too, these ladies are cooking machines,

13. Green jello with nuts & whip cream (it’s a family tradition),

14. Orange jello with Mandarin oranges,

15. Pumpkin pie,

16. Sweet potato pie,

17. Now a third pie that rotates between apple, mincemeat or lemon meringue,

18. Whip the cream; wrestle the other members of your family to see who gets to lick the beaters and spoon. Why does my Dad always win, he is old and I Crossfit?

19. Apply whip cream liberally to all surfaces of the pie and maybe even on top of the lemon meringue pie just to see if you have a new taste sensation,

20. Red wine, probably a Merlot,

21. White wine, a soft Chardonnay,

22. Beer, cold, Coors Light cuz I live in Colorado and Sam Adams or Guinness, maybe both,

23. Fresh brewed coffee, you can have it black or with cream and sugar. Want to add some Baileys or favorite liquor, go right ahead you are home,

24. Gather the family and friends,

25. Say your thanks to your God,

26. Eat!!

27. After eating retire to the sofa, unbutton trousers and adjust your belt 2 notches finish watching football,

28. Nap,

29. Rolls for sandwiches for later, turkey or ham or both, add mustard, I like the coarse brown mustard and/or mayo, lettuce and tomato if desired,

To everyone in this community have a great Thanksgiving, for the short time I have been apart of you it has been great fun, I have learned much and hopefully the few posts that I sent in have been of some value. I am going to worry about dieting tomorrow; today I am going to eat as I please knowing that all the past effort allows me to do this without guilt. I look forward to a great rest of the year.

To everyone who can not be with loved ones and friends for what ever reason; whether you are in the military, a firefighter, LEO, a doctor, or maybe you are just at work I respect your efforts and I know that the ones you hold close wish you were with them as well. :happy:


I did this from memory; I am stuck in Guangzhou China
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