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Thumbs up Re: Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

I sure am glad hardly anyone checks on my posts, 'cause I am really bad at it!
Frankly, by the time I get home from work/CF I'm a pathetic jiggly pile of jello-including my brain!
Anyway--here goes...
squat thrusts
dead lifts
shoulder presses
I can't remember how many, but they weren't good at all---waaaaay too sore.
Wednesday 1/7
slam ball (my fave) intervals
a bunch of practice on form
I have a new buddy, Marcia! Yippee!! She's old like me, but not fat at all. Can't have everything I guess.
Thursday 1/8
20 each
push-ups (on knees0
pretend pull-ups ( I reeeeeeally need a pull-up bar)
sit-ups (arms extended)
air squats
Friday 1/9
AMRAP /1 minute interval
ring pulls 10/27/08 14 1/9/09 19
wall push-ups 29 40
air squats 18 17---but much better form
sit-ups 28 31---much better form
Today 1/10
I will jump rope!!
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